Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12 weeks NOT 3 months! =)

As of yesterday March 23rd, our girls were 12 weeks old. Being new to all of this I assumed that they were 3 months old because 12 weeks to me equals just that, 3 months. Not so much. On March 29th they will be 3 months. They are getting big quick! I know that I am going to say that often and more frequently in the next year or two, but man!

The past few weeks have flown by and these two little lives have and will forever change us. Addison and Aubrey bring so much reason to life. Randi has pretty much taken over the nightly "doodies" and I try to help out when needed. She is still breastfeeding both girls and plans to continue for a few more months. This Woman could feed an army! My Dad and I drove out to Randi's Paw Paw's to get a stand up freezer from him because we needed more storage space. We will never run out that's for sure.

ADDISON 11 weeks and 5 days

Randi asked me to update the blog today and I didn't know what to write about. So much has happened since my last post that I didn't think I could jumble it all into one post. I'm going to try so please stick with me if I'm all over the place.

The girls last Doctor appointment was March 2nd and I believe that was the last time that I made a post. Addison weighed in at 9lbs 13oz and Aubrey weighed in at 9lbs 2 oz. Addison has since been back to the Doctor and weighed 9lbs 15oz about a week later. She woke up one morning and was splotchy all over her face and chest. We wondered if maybe Randi had eaten something that Addy could have been allergic to but we couldn't think of anything that Randi had eaten that was different. The Doctor told Randi that it was just a rash and wasn't really anything to be concerned with. It eventually disappeared.

AUBREY 11 weeks and 5 days

After they got their shots we started to take them out a little more. We have been to Aunt Christy's birthday dinner with friends, the mall, Mom Mom and Pop Pop's, Kohls, brunch, the Zoo, their boyfriend Walker's house (they all slept while their parents played Monopoly), Cheesecake Factory, Babies R Us, and to the Lake. The Lake visit was especially nice because my Parents offered to watch the girls through the night. Randi and I slept well but as soon as we woke up it was off to check on our ladies. They had woken Mom Mom and Pop Pop up around 2 am and kept them up for a little while. My Dad had said in the past that it would be easy and he was talkin the talk. He sure was yawning a lot come 9:00! Them giving us that night was something that we needed and appreciated greatly.

I don't know that I've mentioned this yet or not, but we have come to the conclusion that our little Aubrey was a hippy in her previous life. This child can not only sleep on a block of ice, but she just zones out and stares at things. She LOVES light fixtures! Addison does too but Aubrey's expressions are hilarious. Their personalities are really starting to shine and they couldn't be more opposite. Addison is going to be the needy one who demands your attention. Aubrey just wants to be. That's it, just be. She dislikes her Sister touching her and makes it known when she does. We lay them down on this playmat that has lights and sounds and different things hanging down over them and they seem to enjoy it more and more each day. Addison has just started to swat the princess that hangs down over her and she'll giggle. Aubrey just stares. She doesn't need anything really to stare at, just time to veg out and think. =) We thought that she was going to roll over last night so I had the video camera on but not yet. Don't wish this away right? "You're gonna miss this. You're gonna want this back." Isn't that the country song? All of those songs make so much more sense now.

The weekends just seem to blow by! Each work week is wished away so that I can spend time with my girls and then the next thing you know, it's Monday morning again. This weekend I am headed to New Orleans for my Brother's bachelor party. We will be gone Thursday through Sunday but as much as I'm looking forward to the good time that we're going to have, that's time away from them and... I'm gonna miss them. Boo hoo right? I just know though that when I get home Sunday night, they're going to have grown so much in those short three days. To say that Randi and I are proud would be an understatement. Never before did we know just how much our own parents love us until we were able to have kids of our own.

I hope to be a little better than I have been with the posts on here. The precious time that either of us have in our day goes towards selfish fulfillment's that we don't get as much of anymore. For me it would be my Playstation and for Randi, I don't think that she does much else beside take care of our girls.

We are REALLY looking forward to Scott and Ashley's Wedding in just a few short weeks. Randi, the girls and I are all heading down a few days early to celebrate our two year anniversary as well as to take a little vacation away from our normal day to day.
As always we hope that everyone is doing well. Randi and I do ask for every one's prayers for a friend of ours who is fighting for his life after suffering a stroke at the age of 29 years young. Each day has brought new challenges for him and there haven't been many good days.

Much love to all.

Blog Daddy T and Three

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a quick update!



The girls went for their 8 week check up today. It's confusing becuase they're 9 weeks today but who's counting?

Addison weighed in at 9lbs. 13oz. and measured at 22".

Aubrey weighed in at 9lbs. 2oz. and measure at 21 1/2".

Growing girls!

I will post more later today. I just wanted to shoot this out real quick before lunch.

Love to all.

Blog Daddy T and Three...