Monday, October 20, 2008

Teeny Tiny Arms and Legs

Have you tried the new mac and cheese bites from Arby's? If they weren't so darn expensive I may have had more! These things are like $2.99 for five little bites but mmmm are they delicious! Randi and I decided to eat at Arby's before our appointment today. We finished up there and headed toward the hospital. We arrived with about 45 minutes to kill so I thought we might go get some coffee at the Starbucks inside. We got off of the elevator and I found a computer monitor that was a touch screen hospital map. I was mesmerized by this thing and my Wife was not. I sat there and played with it while she walked off! I finally decided to find her and she wasn't in the coffee shop or in the hallways. Finally she appeared after she had made a bathroom stop. We decided against the coffee because we were both still so full from lunch so we headed up to Dr. Christine's office. Randi went in while I waited and found a magazine. About 15 minutes later Randi sent me a text message that said how she shouldn't have used the restroom earlier because she wasn't able to give much of a sample. Randi appeared from the door about 5 minutes later and we went back to the other waiting area. Boy did we wait, and wait, and wait. We waited for over an hour and a half until I finally, after a bit of a nap, decided to go ask someone what the hell was going on. I ran into Dr. Christine's nurse and she told me that we were next. I mentioned that we had a tour of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at 5:15 and it was already quarter to 5. She said that we would make it. Our appointment was for 3:15... We were finally called back and Dr. Christine came in and we heard both of the girl's heartbeats. One was at 162 and the other at 154, both great. Dr Christine told Randi that she is doing great and she just needs to continue what she's been doing. Questions and answers then we were on our way to tour the NICU.

I don't know what I expected to see once we got down there but I think that I was taken a bit back by what we did. I suppose I thought that we would see these babies through a pane of glass with Nurses feverishly working around them, rocking them, feeding and what not. Not so much. These babies were out in the open, right there on a "warming bed" which looked more like a giant sized petrie dish to me. The babies that were there were a set of boy twins who were absolutely teeny tiny. It all set in right there for me. These girls could come at any minute. We are only 26 weeks as of Sunday, but if they decided that they've had enough in there, then they're gonna come! Every day that passes now I am more and more appreciative of what Randi is doing for them. I hope that our girls can stay in there for another good 3 months and get every thing that they need to come into this world. I know that the people in the NICU are good at what they do, but it was still a very intimidating place for me. Randi is amazing as she seemed fine with everything that was going on.

After we toured the NICU we had our Monday night class. This weeks topics included Cessarians and Postpartum Depression. Both were interesting and showed us what to expect as well as what I need to be aware of with Randi after birth. They also talked about Randi watching me but I think I'll be alright. Tom Cruise aint gonna be calling us out.

Halfway through class we went on our second tour in the hospital. This one was of the Birthing Suites. The earlier tour of the NICU was only Randi and I and another couple. We were "chosen" for this tour (the NICU tour) because we are carrying twins and our girls chances of being in the NICU for a little while are pretty high. We have our fingers crossed that they won't have to, but we have it in our heads that they might. The Birthing Suites are very nice. We saw one back in July when Jen and Phillip had baby Cate. Our instructor went over everything from what not to do or touch to how the bed breaks down into it's various positions. With the group that we'll have in there at some point, I may need a review of what not to touch so that I can go over it with my Father, Brother and Sister, but then again that may just encourage.

Finally around 8:15 we were headed back to the garage to get in the car and head to Subway for dinner. I was able to coax my Wife into taking the "Staff Elevators" as we took them earlier for the NICU tour.

Everything is going well so far. Our next appointment is Monday November 3rd. We will get to see the girls again and hopefully get some clearer 4D pictures. From what I've heard though it passed the time for some of you to try to find Aubrey and Addison's faces. Unfortunately most of you were way off of what you thought were their faces. I'll try to work with the technician next time and we'll get some good snaps. The girls have been really active lately. Both of them, not so much one or the other. Until next time...

Blog Daddy T.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

At MOST 14 weeks to go!

24 weeks into our pregnancy seems like such a long time, but man is it flying! Randi and I discuss constantly how we can not wait to hold these baby girls. Soon enough...

The past few weeks have, like I said, been flying by. It seems like yesterday that we were drop jaw in the sonogram room hearing that there were two babies. Or being in Kusadasi and looking at that stick and seeing a positive. Life is about to change, and change for the better. Good kinds of CHANGE not that "other guys" kind of "Change"... =)

SO... Randi and the girls had a check up Wednesday. Randi immediately went back and was tested for Gestational Diabetes. She was nervous going in, she said "I don't like taking tests that I can't study for". If you know Randi this makes sense but if it were anyone else, study!? The test involves drinking some kind of fruit punch drink that supposedly is horrible. Randi's plan was to shoot this concoction and get it over with. Turns out she didn't mind it so much. Dr. Christine's nurse came out to the waiting room to get me to tell me to come on back. I met Randi in the hallway and we sat and waited for the sonogram tech to call us. Before we were called in, Randi went back down to the lab to get her results and she passed the Diabetes test. Good news! Once we got into the sonogram room, we realized that we had forgotten our CD for the pictures to go on. Luckily you can purchase one at the receptionist desk. We have spoken to the girl there numerous times about Auburn football and how she is the only Tiger fan there so I struck conversation about how awful we looked and how they need to do something about our Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin. I got the CD and headed back to the sonogram room and no sooner than I sat down did I receive a text message from my buddy Jay saying "Tubbs fired Franklin". I couldn't believe it. All of this soon took a back seat when the monitor showed our little girls. Baby B had some make up tests to finish today. They had to measure a few things on her to make sure that she was keeping pace with her Sister. Well, while the tech was getting measurements, Baby A decided to sucker punch Baby B. Baby B waited out the attack and retaliated with a full body, Matrix style lunge toward her Sister. We were all laughing at the boxing match that we were witnessing. The Technician even kept the monitor on this for a good two minutes or so and our room was erupting with Oo's and Ah's. The girls are doing well. Each weighing in at 1 lb 9 oz and both are growing RAPIDLY. After the sonogram we went to see Dr. Christine for our Q&A session. Randi had her questions ready and Dr. Christine answered them all. Mom, Mom, Jen...

Monday night we started our "Parenting Classes". These classes go through what to expect when it's time to deliver and we get to watch videos. Well if you have seen Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl, you've seen the worst of these videos. In two weeks we get to take a field trip to tour the "birthing suites" as well as the NICU.

All in all things are going well. At most we only have 14 weeks until we get to meet our little girls. Our next appointment is scheduled for Monday October 20th. We won't have sonograms at that one but we'll post an update.

Blog Daddy T.

PS. Some are having troubles seeing the girls faces in their 4D pictures. Hopefully this helps...