Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Two years ago tomorrow our lives were changed forever. At 9:01am Addison Grace Turner was pulled from Randi's belly. Very soon after at 9:02am Aubrey Peyton Turner entered the world. Two years? Already? They are little girls now. They have likes and dislikes. They giggle and they scream. Their hugs and kisses are the best ever. They are the best gifts that have ever been given to us. We are so proud of these two ladies. They are mesmerizing.

Happy Birthday Angels. Mommy and Daddy love you so so so very much.

Love Momma and Papa.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week (almost)14 Update

This whole "not finding out" thing is going to drive me bonkers. Boy or Girl? I think it's a boy but what if it's a girl? Am I going to hold that against my daughter if in fact it is a girl in there? So just find out right? Wrong. I can't. That spoils it. Kinda like finding the Christmas present closet. I never snooped. I didn't want to know because I was afraid that it would take the fun out of Christmas. I guess I need to keep telling myself just that. Boy? Girl? It really doesn't matter to me. Sure, I'd like to have a son at some point but it doesn't have to be this time. Some people's reactions to the fact that we may want more is humorous. Y'all want 4 kids!? We started wanting 5. We're not Duggar crazy mind you. Kids are gifts. They're amazing. The two that we have now are our lives. They are the best part of waking up not some cup of coffee. The coffee is MUCH needed, don't get me wrong! Back to news about Turner Child Numero Tres...

Randi and I went for her 14 week appointment this morning. No ultra-sound which is really odd to us because with the twins, we had ultra-sounds every single time we went in. Not the case this time. We did get to hear his or her heartbeat and it brought a smile to every one's face in the room. Dr. Christine even broke a smile! 160 beats per minute. We were told that the "big ultra-sound" would take place during the next visit. The "big ultra-sound", I asked? The one where you will find out the sex of the baby I was told. Well that won't be happening but we will still get an ultra-sound and hopefully some pictures.

Things in the Turner 4 household are nuts. The girls are getting way too big, way too fast. We are being told "bless you" after we sneeze by both children now. Addy is picking up new sayings every day and her sister... She's a mess. She is home today with another temperature but she is a bull in a china shop when healthy. Aubrey doesn't walk, she speed walks. Her balance still isn't 100% so it's not uncommon to see her fall 5 times during a 10 foot walking sprint. She shakes it off and continues on. I really need to break out the camera and catch these two before they're big and I'm gross.

I just wanted to post an update from the appointment today. I feel like Facebook gets most of our information anymore. Sorry if you're not on there and only following us on the blog. I know that I've been a negligent blogger as of late.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much Love To All.

Blog Daddy T and 3.5

Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 10

So there I sat in an all too familiar place. Two years later. Some things have changed but not much. There's a television in here now but I haven't even looked at it. It boasts healthy/medical things and surprisingly, some are directed toward the adult male. I am too buried in my Scrabble game on my iPad to pay much attention to the television. Also, there is a little girl who is not much older than ours, playing with her grandmother a few seats away. I can't help but tune into their little world.

Grandmother (pointing): "What's that?"
Little Girl: "Punkin!"
Grandmother: "Very good! What's that?"
Little Girl: "COW! Mooooo..."
Grandmother: "Yes, the cow says moo. Wanna go look out the window?"
Little Girl: "K!"

And off they went.

Interaction between an adult and a child is fascinating to me. They look to us for everything. We teach them everything and they depend on us. It's such an honor to have been given that opportunity and yet there are so many out there who don't take advantage of being a parent and running with it. I am not one of those who won't take advantage. I am one who will brag about my kid. I won't apologize either because this is what I always dreamed of. I wanted to be a Dad. What an honor.

"Babe". I was being called back. We sat in the other waiting area for a few minutes until we were called back into the sonogram room. Baby T's living room shined up on the monitor as the technician measure he or she from different angles. We mentioned how we weren't going to find out the sex of this baby and the technician said that if we're judging by heartbeat, it's a girl. DID YOU JUST HEAR US? We said that we weren't going to find out this time. Copy? Whatever though. "According to heartbeat" I was supposed to be a girl. True fact. Baby T is doing well. Everything is looking good and it's beginning to look like a baby. We are still looking at May 19th as the delivery date unless Randi goes into labor earlier. Good times.

Randi, Addison, Aubrey and I went to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live "There's a party in my city" on Tuesday night. We had such a great time. Randi doesn't know who liked it more, the girls or me. Biz Markie was there, what more is there to say!? YOU. YOU GOT WHAT I NEED. BUT YOU SAY HE'S JUST A FRIEND. BUT YOU SAY HE'S JUST A FRIEOOOOOOOH BABY YOU. Classic. After the show we met up with my parents and my grandmother who is in town this week from Philadelphia. My "Gram" is the sweetest woman on this planet and it's so awesome to me that she has gotten to meet my kids. We went to Yogurt Twist where Pop Pop spoiled his girls like always.

Just wanted to post a quick update since we had an appointment yesterday. We hope everyone is doing well.

Much Love To All.
Blog Daddy T and Three + 1.

Monday, September 27, 2010

And The Miracle Begins


I tried 15 times to rotate this photo. Already stubborn and not even born yet. MUST be a Turner.

Week 6

Our visit to the doctor on Friday was a success! We got to see the grain of rice that we will one day name. We did get to hear a little heart beat as well. It was nice to see Dr. Christine and her nurse Cindy again. They are always very friendly and they seem so genuine and excited for us.

Randi kept asking me if I was nervous? I honestly didn't get any emmotion until we saw the baby, or the grain of rice that will become a baby. Excitement and pride took over at that point. I think most of it was the fear of becoming emmotionally attached before anything was certain. When Dr. Christine told us that since we had heard a heart beat, the chance of miscarriage was less than 10%, that made me feel better.

Baby stuff is about to take over the house once again. In the meantime we need to cater to Momma and spoil her rotten so that baby rice has the best growing experience possible. This is difficult though with me working full time and Randi at home raising two little girls. We'll just have to make the weekends special Mommy days. We've already started this but this weekend we'll let her fly to Mexico to relax for week. Enjoy Momma.

ALL of our love.
Blog Daddy T and Four.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Four Weeks

We've got a long way to go but it's getting more and more exciting as the days go by. It's starting to sink in a little more and it will really get exciting once we visit the "doctor".

Two little girls and a baby at 32. My dreams of being a dad are suddenly a reality. Addison and Aubrey are growing up so fast. They have their own OPPOSITE personalities and I fall in love with them again every time I see them. Addison was brought into the bathroom to me this morning while I was getting ready. There I stood in a towel and heard Randi say "Can you keep an eye on this one while I clean up her mess?" She turns the corner with Addy and Addy says "Papa". Melts me. Melts me every time to know that these little girls know me as their dad and that I am there for them. Soon there is going to be a third. A THIRD CHILD! Trips will be more fun. Tailgate will be a blast. Life in general will be so much sweeter. This dad thing is a blessing and the family part is a dream come true.

So much to do. So little time. Gotta figure out which room is going to be nursery #2.

Much Love To All.

Blog Daddy T and Three+

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Keeping quiet about expecting a baby is not easy. I understand the point of it completely but like Randi said, "You've got to show excitement or you're not fully living in the moment." Soon enough.

Last night Randi and I were lying in bed and I mentioned to her that there is an iPad app for that tracks your pregnancy and shows what the baby looks like as well as gives you tips about different things. It mentioned something about taking a second pregnancy test "just to be sure". Well when I mentioned this to Randi, she freaked out. She went to take one because I had her all worried. It too came back positive. Having had two positive tests, I told her that we must be having twins again. What if we did? Our chances are up from 6% to 12% I believe we were once told. I think it'd be wonderful! Boys, Girls, Girl/Boy doesn't matter to me. Randi did mention though that if we have a second set of twins that I WOULD be getting snipped. Scary!

Much Love.

Blog Daddy T and Three+

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Knowing Early

Well as some have already guessed, we are expecting our third (and or fourth, and or fifth ) child sometime in May or June. Randi took a test when we returned home from the lake on Labor Day and it showed a faint + sign. We have our first appointment on September 24th at 9:30 and we're praying that everything goes well. We decided a few months back to go completely off of birth control and give ourselves a "trying window" before Randi went to Mexico in October. Because we are still so early, very few people know right now. I'm sure there will be a lot more in the coming days that will just so happen to find out but like I said, we're still early. It's exciting and scary at the same time. It's definitely something that Randi and I want, but there's always that thought in the back of my mind that something could go wrong. Time will tell and our prayers have all been answered so far. Even when times were dark and we couldn't see the next few months, God answered our prayers and gave us two the next go around. It's out of our hands but we'll do everything that we're supposed to, to make sure things go the way they're supposed to.

This post is being saved and not published for awhile. =)

Much Love,

Blog Daddy T and Three+

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birmingham Parent Magazine Cover

Addison and Aubrey are up for the Birmingham Parent Magazine cover. It's up to our friends and family to vote! Please help us get some votes if you get a chance. Click the link above and look under the "Multiples" section for their picture, click the dot and continue. Thank you in advance!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One year (it was either Father's Day or my dad's birthday, one of the two) my Mom called my brother and I who were at home playing Playstation like a bunch of lazy bums and said that we should probably call my Dad and wish him a happy Father's Day/birthday. This was at like 9:00 at night. Wow. What jerks right? It's taking me being a Dad to really realize that birthdays and holidays are meant to be days spent with the people you love. Now, I knew that before but I was always in a rush to get done with the family stuff so I could hurry out and let people, who at the time I thought were important, buy me drinks all night.

This Sunday is Father's day. Unfortunately I have had to make a decision as to not see mine because he will be down at the lake with my Mom and some of their friends. Father's day is also now my day where my family wants to be with me. Should make me feel good right? Instead I feel bad because I am not going to see my Dad. He's an hour and a half away and I'm not going to see him.

Why is it becoming harder and harder to make plans that work for everyone? Our family is growing and that in itself is wonderful, but... It makes making plans that much more difficult. When I was a kid, my Mom's side of the family had a family reunion every year. There would be people there that I had never met before in my life. They were all somehow related and they all got together this one day to see each other. Are we coming to that!? My Mom and Dad are both one of 11 children. I have over 60 cousins and we were all pretty close growing up. It must have been really difficult to make it to every family function but I didn't see the difficulty in it as I just jumped in the car and went where they took us!

Now I see it though. It's tough. In the end, I hope my Dad understands. It's nothing against him. If it were up to me, I'd be with he and my Brother (who is celebrating his first Father's Day this year.) on the golf course Sunday morning like we used to do EVERY Sunday morning years ago. Times have changed but my love, respect, and my appreciation for my Dad never will.

Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

And if that is the case, my heart is SUPER FOND. Sounds like a superhero Jane Fonda should have played in her glory days. Randi, her mother, Addison and Aubrey have been in Texas for almost two weeks. By the end of their trip, they'll have been gone for a total of 15 days. Now, when I agreed that they should take this trip, I thought of the quietness that would take over the house. The freedoms that I would find in that I could play endless hours of NCAA Football if I wanted. I could go have some beers with the guys and not feel guilty about it. Well I'm done with all of that now. It's time for them to come home. I have had my two nights of meeting up with the guys. I have had my countless hours of Playstation. (It's been Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Don't get me started on that as I have become an addict overnight thanks to my brother.) The quietness is almost depressing now. I'm done with it.

We're getting a lot of work done to our yard, all new windows throughout the house, a play set for the girls and AT&T U-Verse installed. I thought that all of this could be purchased, installed, and accomplished while they were all out of town. What better timing right? Not so much. The yard has been at a standstill since last Thursday and the windows as well as the play set have yet to be delivered. Things don't always work out like you plan, but isn't that the norm? AT&T did come out and did successfully install our new U-Verse system but I've got to learn to be more patient with things like these. Projects are just that, they're projects. If they could be done in a day, they'd have a commercial for it boasting about replacing your entire house in a day. (That Re-Bath commercial still intrigues me.) I've got to leave it to the Man upstairs and let him do it on His time.

Since the girls have been gone, Randi has done a really good job of sending me pictures and telling me of the new habits that have formed. One of those is that Addison has begun telling Randi "no" while motioning with her hand. Nice! Miss Aubrey has learned how to stand up in her high chair but hasn't been able to get very far thankfully! Both girls have had a hard time sleeping while in hotels. For a few days though, they were all able to stay with Bill and Chris Dutcher in Del Rio. They slept much better in a house probably because they were more able to be scheduled. Now they're all back in a hotel in Del Rio making their final leg of the trip. I pick them up from the airport Friday night and I cannot wait to see them all.

I have missed the things that sometimes become routine in life. Routine, normalcy, and my three favorite people are thankfully returning in 3 days.

Much Love To All.
Blog Daddy T and Three

Picture One was taken in Del Rio and it is of Bill and Chris Dutcher's Granddaughters Autumn and Savannah holding the girls.

Picture Two and Three is of Aubrey and Addison, respectively, heading to church in Del Rio.

Picture Four is Aubrey taking in the sights and sounds of the San Antoio Riverwalk. In the back is Randi's bestfriend Brandi's baby girl

Picture Five is Aubrey showing off her mad skills.

Picture Six is Addison falling asleep in her pasta.

Picture Seven (Addison) and Eight (Aubrey) are of the girls saying hello to me on their ride to Del Rio.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Alright. The first time that I received an email saying that a comment needed to be moderated on our blog, I was kind of excited since I don't get a lot of comments. (This is not a sympathy post and I'm not hoping to receive more comments.) So when I opened that email and it said that it was from Anonymous, I was intrigued. It mentioned something about how Anonymous liked my blog and would like to publish it somewhere or something along those lines. Well I deleted it. It was kinda creepy. I began to wonder who all reads this and who has an open invitation to my world, my family's world!? Is anyone else getting creepers on their blogs? I may print out what I've posted thus far and then move the blog or just shut down. I can not stand spam and I LOATHE creepers! I have four email addresses for this very reason! I buy things with one, I use another for personal emails, the other is for login things like or Facebook and the other, I don't remember why I have the other. It may have been so that I could have another person in my mafia way back when.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Bailey

Randi and I babysat our 3 month old niece on Wednesday night. I decided to get her beautiful little face on camera. Turn your speakers on.


Monday, March 1, 2010

March Already!?

How many times am I going to open a post with the question, "where does time go"? If you've got time to go back and read all of my posts over the past, geez, year and a half and tell me, then that would be great! If not, I'd rather you wouldn't anyway honestly.

Where does time go!? I had to throw that in there. Work, work, work, work, work, WEEKEND, WEEKEND, work, you get the picture. Whose idea was it to skimp us with only two weekend days out of a week? Time is flying by. These girls are growing so fast and learning so much daily. The smiles are more genuine and the hugs are heartfelt. Not that either of those things weren't genuine and or heartfelt before, but now they are, I don't know. They mean more. Is that wrong? Yesterday Addison crawled over to Randi and crawled up her and just threw her arms around her and hugged her. I heard Randi's response from the other room and you can tell it meant so much to her. I get to experience a like feeling when I come into a room with the two of them playing and I get shot a big smile from Aubrey, or I hear Addison's repetitive warning telling everyone that I have entered the room, "Dah! Dah! Dah! Dah!". All while bouncing her little hips. This parent thing is absolutely amazing.

Hearing of Marie Osmond's son committing suicide this morning was gut wrenching. Boner from Growing Pains took his life last week at 40 something. Before he was found, who did we the public hear pleading for his son to come home? His father, a parent. The luger who lost his life at the young age of 21! He spoke to his father the day before about how that turn terrified him. I now understand the hurt, the wonder, the anger even that I caused my parents growing up. I think I can speak for Randi also and say that she understands it as well. These little girls are our world. They make every morning shine and every night complete. I can't imagine having to go through what some parents this week and last have gone through. My thoughts and prayers have and will be with ALL families who have lost a loved one. Egh... This has gotten a little dark, hasn't it? Let's get back to fun stuff.

Addison is a goof! She is the biggest goof that I think I have ever met and that's saying a lot considering that I am related to Christy Turner. This little one is a clown and she is perfectly aware of it. She does things to get attention and she loves every second of it.

Aubrey is a hippie. She is fun, she is beautiful, and she is as laid back as they come. When she smiles, it's genuine. If it's a smile directed toward you, trust me, you have worked for that smile. She studies the world around her so intently. She is nosey and oh so curious. Oh! For those not on "The Facebook", Aubrey had another spat of the fever again. Randi took her into the doctor and they ran their tests and sent her home with no diagnosis. A friend from work forwarded me a website of parents who seemed to be having the same issue with the fever bug. Randi asked our pediatrician if I could send this to her for her to look over and see if she thought that maybe Aubrey's symptoms were similar and possibly get us a diagnosis. I haven't heard anything back and that was over a week ago. Maybe we'll find an answer, but even better, maybe it has left for good.

Randi and I are well. We have decided to stay in our house instead of buying my parent's house. Economically it makes more sense for us right now. Maybe a few years down the road we can move, but for now we're going to do some work on what we've got. Randi, Donna and the girls are headed to San Antonio as well as Del Rio for TWO WHOLE WEEKS beginning March 18th. I don't know what I'm going to do for two weeks here by myself. I am actually planning a Jeep/camping trip one of the weekends so I won't be sucked into the couch the entire time.

So... I look around the Blogspot community and see a lot of old posts. What's going on to make us not post things about our little ones and or what we've got going on? Maybe the tease of 55+ degree weather on the weekends? Maybe we're all just too damn busy. I don't have an excuse except that I am just too damn LAZY. =)

Much Love To All!

Blog Daddy T and Three/Four

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Spin My Head Right Round...

Where does time go? Seriously. I turned 31 on January 4th and don't know what happened to my 20's. Well I do, but I'd rather not air ALL of my dirty laundry on a blog that, from what I hear, some people do read. I remember when I was a kid, it seemed like Christmas would never get here. It would finally arrive and we would wish for it to come back all over again. Why do we wish time away? I do this now with weekdays. I wish them away with the common phrase "Is it Friday yet"? Then Saturday comes and goes and next thing you know it's 8:00 Sunday night, Randi is watching DH and I'm flipping between football and PS3 hoping to freeze time again.

Two little girls. Wow. We have to little girls! It's hard to fathom sometimes. Randi and I still look at them daily and just smile at the thought of our love bringing something so precious into the world. We kiss them repeatedly until Addison pushes my face away. This is something new that has started that I am not a big fan of. So onto the updates. It's been awhile since my last post and I apologize if you were really looking forward to hearing an update or three during my hibernation from the Crimson Tiders of the world.

The girls are growing and growing and growing. They had their one year doctor appointment last week and Addison weighed 15 lbs and Aubrey weighed 14 lbs 9 oz. They are still on the tiny side but the doctor said that she's not concerned because they're close in weight and have been since birth. Aubrey went for testing this morning to see what had caused the fluid on her kidney that was possibly causing her high temperatures and visits to the doctor and hospital. The results were negative for reflux so we don't have to medicate her for the next year of her life. The "reflux" was believed to have been her not peeing out all of her pee and it creeping back to her kidney instead of staying in her bladder. Negative. She hasn't run a fever in quite some time so hopefully that whole mess is behind us.

We have ONE YEAR OLDS! We celebrated their birthday on their actual birthday but then we had a bigger party this past weekend. We had an amazing turnout and people came from all over! Bill Harrell came from Fort Worth, TX, and "Nanny" Yvonne came from Tampa, FL. The girls were spoiled yet again and showered with so much love and so many gifts! The neat thing was seeing all of the kids; Logan Brown, Cate Carter, Hanlon Finney, The Lee Triplets Piper, Henry and Rosemary, and my niece Bailey Turner. I may be missing a few. We had paint and tiles for them to do their hand/foot prints, a jar filled with M&M's which Logan Brown guessed the closest as to how many were in there, and toys for them all to play with. All in all it was a wonderful party. The girls loved their cakes and made quite a mess of themselves. Thank you to Steve Thomas and Yvonne Balbin for helping Randi make them as well as the cupcakes!

So all in all everything is going really well. The girls are pulling up on everything and standing with support. Addy cries for help to get down but has done it a few times on her own. Aubrey is a daredevil. She cracks me up! She not only pulls up and gets down on her own but she has learned to slide herself over this train that Mike, Amy and Logan Brown gave them. Once she slides over it she crawls around to do it again like a four year old on a jungle gym! Addison still says "tickle tickle" and the occasional "Dah Dah" and "Mah Mah". Recently she has blurted out "Nonna" which is what we want the girls to call Randi's mother. Aubrey isn't really a talker, however we do believe that she has gotten the word "shit" down. No thanks to their grandmothers! She blurts it out here and there and it sounds pretty clear to those that hear it but she has no clue, obviously. Aubrey is more expressional. Is that a word?

Ex`pres´sion`al (~al)
a. 1. Of, or relating to, expression; phraseological; also, vividly representing or suggesting an idea or sentiment.

I guess it is! She points and waves and says "dah" and "mom mom mom mom". Other than that she just shoots smiles CONSTANTLY.

Well that's all I've got this time. We hope everyone is doing well and has adjusted from the holidays. We need a bigger house due to all of the toys that the girls got for Christmas and their birthday but we're working on that.

Much love to all.

Blog Daddy T and his beautiful three.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moment of Silence

In participation/recognition of "Mark Ingram Day" I will not be updating the blog with any new information on our ladies. Instead, we will bow our heads and give thanks to this achievement that has yet to be "recognized" (Auburn University Heisman Trophy Winners Pat Sullivan 71 and Vincent Edward Jackson 85) in this great state of Saban that we live in.



Much Love To All!

Blog Daddy T and his wonderful Three!

"This post has been brought to you by your Alabama Ford Dealers. Nick Saban drives one. Shouldn't you?"