Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 10

So there I sat in an all too familiar place. Two years later. Some things have changed but not much. There's a television in here now but I haven't even looked at it. It boasts healthy/medical things and surprisingly, some are directed toward the adult male. I am too buried in my Scrabble game on my iPad to pay much attention to the television. Also, there is a little girl who is not much older than ours, playing with her grandmother a few seats away. I can't help but tune into their little world.

Grandmother (pointing): "What's that?"
Little Girl: "Punkin!"
Grandmother: "Very good! What's that?"
Little Girl: "COW! Mooooo..."
Grandmother: "Yes, the cow says moo. Wanna go look out the window?"
Little Girl: "K!"

And off they went.

Interaction between an adult and a child is fascinating to me. They look to us for everything. We teach them everything and they depend on us. It's such an honor to have been given that opportunity and yet there are so many out there who don't take advantage of being a parent and running with it. I am not one of those who won't take advantage. I am one who will brag about my kid. I won't apologize either because this is what I always dreamed of. I wanted to be a Dad. What an honor.

"Babe". I was being called back. We sat in the other waiting area for a few minutes until we were called back into the sonogram room. Baby T's living room shined up on the monitor as the technician measure he or she from different angles. We mentioned how we weren't going to find out the sex of this baby and the technician said that if we're judging by heartbeat, it's a girl. DID YOU JUST HEAR US? We said that we weren't going to find out this time. Copy? Whatever though. "According to heartbeat" I was supposed to be a girl. True fact. Baby T is doing well. Everything is looking good and it's beginning to look like a baby. We are still looking at May 19th as the delivery date unless Randi goes into labor earlier. Good times.

Randi, Addison, Aubrey and I went to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live "There's a party in my city" on Tuesday night. We had such a great time. Randi doesn't know who liked it more, the girls or me. Biz Markie was there, what more is there to say!? YOU. YOU GOT WHAT I NEED. BUT YOU SAY HE'S JUST A FRIEND. BUT YOU SAY HE'S JUST A FRIEOOOOOOOH BABY YOU. Classic. After the show we met up with my parents and my grandmother who is in town this week from Philadelphia. My "Gram" is the sweetest woman on this planet and it's so awesome to me that she has gotten to meet my kids. We went to Yogurt Twist where Pop Pop spoiled his girls like always.

Just wanted to post a quick update since we had an appointment yesterday. We hope everyone is doing well.

Much Love To All.
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