Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week (almost)14 Update

This whole "not finding out" thing is going to drive me bonkers. Boy or Girl? I think it's a boy but what if it's a girl? Am I going to hold that against my daughter if in fact it is a girl in there? So just find out right? Wrong. I can't. That spoils it. Kinda like finding the Christmas present closet. I never snooped. I didn't want to know because I was afraid that it would take the fun out of Christmas. I guess I need to keep telling myself just that. Boy? Girl? It really doesn't matter to me. Sure, I'd like to have a son at some point but it doesn't have to be this time. Some people's reactions to the fact that we may want more is humorous. Y'all want 4 kids!? We started wanting 5. We're not Duggar crazy mind you. Kids are gifts. They're amazing. The two that we have now are our lives. They are the best part of waking up not some cup of coffee. The coffee is MUCH needed, don't get me wrong! Back to news about Turner Child Numero Tres...

Randi and I went for her 14 week appointment this morning. No ultra-sound which is really odd to us because with the twins, we had ultra-sounds every single time we went in. Not the case this time. We did get to hear his or her heartbeat and it brought a smile to every one's face in the room. Dr. Christine even broke a smile! 160 beats per minute. We were told that the "big ultra-sound" would take place during the next visit. The "big ultra-sound", I asked? The one where you will find out the sex of the baby I was told. Well that won't be happening but we will still get an ultra-sound and hopefully some pictures.

Things in the Turner 4 household are nuts. The girls are getting way too big, way too fast. We are being told "bless you" after we sneeze by both children now. Addy is picking up new sayings every day and her sister... She's a mess. She is home today with another temperature but she is a bull in a china shop when healthy. Aubrey doesn't walk, she speed walks. Her balance still isn't 100% so it's not uncommon to see her fall 5 times during a 10 foot walking sprint. She shakes it off and continues on. I really need to break out the camera and catch these two before they're big and I'm gross.

I just wanted to post an update from the appointment today. I feel like Facebook gets most of our information anymore. Sorry if you're not on there and only following us on the blog. I know that I've been a negligent blogger as of late.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much Love To All.

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