Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well I couldn't go any longer without making a post. I just got done telling Randi that I would post something tomorrow but, oh well.

Randi is doing incredible. I am so proud of what she did Monday and now she is reoovering so well. The girls are amazing too. We have come to terms about them being in NICU and really appreciate everything that the nurses and doctors have done for our ladies. Addison has a touch of bilirubin (Jaundice) so she has looked like a glow worm the past few times we have been up to see them. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, they stick this green lighted pad behind her to help with this. It looks like one of those heat pads you would stick to your back, but lit up green. Aubrey is amazing. She has lost a few ounces but other than that she is doing well. When Randi and I went up to visit them at 8:00 pm they were both off of their IV's and we got to feed them both bottles. They are getting a new kind of formula now as well so things are looking great!

The moment of the day had to have been Randi changing Addison's diaper. She was wiping her little hiney and she apparently felt comfortable enough to poop. Well her poop isn't solid so it got Randi pretty good. The best part is. I HAVE IT ON VIDEO! Man, this Father thing is great! I'm sure that I'll get my turn with getting something on me. Tick tick tick.

Well Randi and I are relaxing comfortably in our suite waiting for the 11:30 visitation. We have decided to ring in the new year in the best place possible in the rocking chairs next to our baby girls' crib.

Thank you to everyone again for all of your prayers, warm wishes, gifts, and flowers. St. Vincent's is amazing too and we plan to thank their staff in one way or another.

Have I told you how much we love being parents? This is wonderful. Looking into a childs eyes is amazing, but when it's your own, it's a totally different world.

ALL of OUR love...

Ricky, Randi, Addison and Aubrey

PS. I am so sorry for the spelling errors in my last post. I wasn't all there. Thanks to Mr. Ambien, we had a wonderful nights sleep last night.

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Addison and Aubrey

We had a wonderful day with our two girls. Randi and I decided to send them to the nursery last night so that we could get some much needed rest. At about 2:00 in the morning our nurse came in and told us that the girls blood sugars were low and they were going to have to go to the NICU. This was not welcome news at 2:00 in the morning. I was a little mad, sad, scared, you name it we felt it. The nurse brough Aubrey in and we said our goodbye for the night. I walked with the nurse and Bree and saw were the girls would be kept. I walked back to the room and Addison was brought in. I had the opportunity to walk with them to the NICU but I decided to stay with Randi and try to get some rest.

We were able to go to the NICU this morning and see them for a little while. Randi was in a wheelchair so it was a little difficult for her to get too close. Both girls' blood sugars are doing much better. Aubtey is doing really well but Addison's white blood cells count is elevated which could mean that her little body is fighting off some kind of an infection. Dr. Christine came in this morning and told us that this could be just a side effect from the delivery and all of the craziness that came with the whole event.

Unfortunately the girls are going to be on a very strict visiting schedule. Randi and I have the best visting hosur and they are still limited. Grandparents and immediate family are the only others that they are allowing in the NICU. Even then it's three people max at all times. I think that makes it the most difficult. We really want to hold our little ladies and kiss their faces until our lips tire. Not having them in our room and hearing their little cries and coos is hard. Hopefully though they will be the little champs that they are and surprise us with an early departure. If not, we will know that they are in the best hands possible.

Please keep our babies in your prayers. We appreciate all the messages that we have received and we will try our best to keep you informed of our progress.

All of our love.

Blog Daddy T and his ladies.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Girls Have Arrived

Here are a few pictures for now. I will write a blog later on. Addison, Aubrey, and Momma are all doing well. Addison came out at 9:01 weighing 5 lbs 13 oz measuring 18.5 inches. Her little Sister came out at 9:02 weighing 5 lbs 1 oz measuring 18 inches. Randi's Uterus had a difficult time hardening. This caused Randi to stay "open" a little longer than expected. Everything is good now though. So here are the pictures and like I said, I will write more later... TOO TIRED... Thank you again for all of the prayers and phone calls. Much love to all...

Ricky, Randi, Addison and Aubrey

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"It's beginning to look a lot like delivery day everywhere we look..."

So Randi scared the poop out of this woman and it was some of the funniest stuff! We were getting off of the elevator at the hospital and this woman wasn't paying any attention while she was reading something on the wall. She heard the "ding" of the elevator and she almost walked right into Randi. She noticed her at the last second and gasped and was like "OH MY GOSH! I AM SO SORRY I WASN'T EVEN PAYING ATTENTION!" Her reaction was just priceless. It's times like that you wish the video camera was running so you could watch it over and over. She had to have pooped herself. SO...

Randi went back while I occupied myself with another of the Alex Cross series. The waiting area was extremely loud and busy today. There was a little girl about 7 or 8 sitting across from me with her Grandmother. Her Mom and Dad came out with a bag that the ultrasound tech gives you when you're so many weeks. The little girl asked her Mom if it was a barf bag and I about fell out of my chair. Her Mom must be visiting the porcelain Gods quite a bit. I am so glad that Randi didn't have many of those episodes. Randi finally came from behind the door and we went back to the other waiting room until we were called by the ultrasound tech. We got the young twin girl again and she was sweet as always. She was to only measure the girls fluids today, but she tried one last time to get a 4D of Aubrey. No such luck. We'll just have to wait until Monday to see what she looks like. Shucks...

We saw Dr. Davis and she came in and said her hello and asked how we were. Randi told her that we were doing well and that we were delivering on Monday so we were excited. Randi then told her that she was actually the second Doctor that was going to be in on the Cesarean and Dr. Davis wasn't aware that we were one of her three for that day. THREE! THREE C-Sections scheduled! Babies babies babies... Randi had a few examinations and one found that she is a finger tip dilated. I asked the Dr. to ease Randi's mind about the c-section as she is still a little freaked out by it. She explained that it isn't a rush job and it's not an emergency and that they do it all the time. She said a few more things and it seemed to help maybe for a few minutes.

We went down to Labor and Delivery and had our NST. Aubrey was acting up a little bit but both girls did well. We were then on our way to battle 280.

On a sad note, Randi's Poppy passed away today in Ft. Worth. He was 96 years old and had been battling Alzeihmers for quite some time. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago. Hopefully he is with his Son (Randi's Dad Dave) now and they are up there smiling down upon us. Another Guardian Angel to watch over us and our little ladies come Monday.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!

Much Love,
Blog Daddy T

Friday, December 19, 2008

10 Days To Go

Last night before we hit the bed, Randi said to me "Can you believe after tomorrow we'll be in single digits until the girls get here?" No. I can not. Ten days from today, Randi and I will be staring into Addison and Aubrey's eyes. It seems like a dream, none of it seems real. I was thinking yesterday while we were driving to the hospital about times in the past where I was so excited that I never thought that an event would arrive. Like when I was little, Christmas seemed to take forever to come around, and then it was there and gone. High school graduation, our Wedding day, signing papers to buy our home, a new car, so on and so on. This one is huge. 10 days seem like an eternity but before we know it, they will be here. It reminds me of the country song, "Let them be little". I hope to take in every single moment and I know Randi feels the same way.

We had an NST yesterday and everything looked good. We were put in my not so favorite room, the recovery room and we were fortunate enough to have a woman who was in labor next to us. Not only was she in labor but they couldn't get her IV started. FOUR TIMES they tried to stick this woman. We heard every ooch and ouch, then we had the pleasure of hearing her vomit NUMEROUS times. At first I didn't know what the splashing sound was and asked Randi if her water had broke? Did you know that only like 10% of women actually have their water break? If this was the woman's water breaking, Randi and I would have needed Noah to give us a lift. She said that she hadn't eaten since 10 o'clock, but she sure had enough in her stomach to fill a wastebasket. OK, enough right? Dr. Christine came down to talk to Randi and I one last time. She is on vacation all next week so we won't see her again until D-DAY (delivery day). Randi had a few simple questions then we were on our way.

Today is Christy's COLLEGE GRADUATION! I can not believe my little Sister is graduating from Auburn today. We are all so proud of her and I can't wait to see her. Congratulations Christy!

We have an appointment Monday afternoon with Dr. Davis. We will then have another NST on Friday and then get ready for Monday morning. Whew... What an adventure! I think that I may keep this blog going even after the girls arrive. It's nice to connect with family and friends who all live too far away.

I will try to post again after Monday's appointment, but if for some reason I don't, we hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

All our love.

Blog Daddy T.

Monday, December 15, 2008

One goal reached. Many, many more to go!

34 Weeks

We had an appointment this afternoon at 1:45. The waiting room was quite busy! Seems as if people are snuggling up a bit too close to keep warm this Winter! It's funny though because I hear so many people complaining about how cold it is and they're all bundled up and it's been averaging 50's! I read my book until Randi's little face came from behind the door. We were headed straight back to an examining room. I took my seat in the corner and we chit chatted for a bit. Dr. Christine came in and asked how everyone was doing and we didn't have many complaints except for lack of sleep, I know get used to it, and back pain. She prescribed Randi some Ambien to take occasionally to help her rest. She measured Randi's belly and did an exam to see if she was dilated and she wasn't. We were then sent into have an ultrasound to measure the fluids around the babies. While we were waiting we heard the technician that we didn't want call someone else in, so we got excited to have someone else. Unfortunately, this tech was a fill in and she was a bit slower than the others. We asked her if she were able to, to try to get a picture of Baby B. She tried a few different angles and came to the conclusion that she was facing Randi's back and as always, was going to be difficult with us. No luck. I then told her that we wouldn't be disappointed if she could tell us how much they weighed this week. No such luck there either.

We were dismissed from the ultrasound room and went over to Dr. Christine's charting area and took a seat. While we were over there I spotted a scale. I had weighed myself at home about a week ago and saw that I had lost about 10 lbs during our pregnancy. This scale was a little more honest. I have actually GAINED those 10 lbs as Randi and I initially expected. Oh well, I figure I'll shed it in about a year while chasing two one year old baby girls all over the place. Dr. Christine took a look at the ultrasounds and everything seemed up to par. She told us to make an appointment for Monday to see one of her partners because she would be on vacation. So this was the last time that we would see Dr. Christine in her office before we saw her on the 29th. We made an appointment to see Dr. Davis next Monday. She is the Doctor that we saw who diagnosed Randi's Cholestasis.

We headed down to do the NST. We were put in a triage room and Randi and the girls were quickly hooked up to the monitors by Nurse Amy whom we have had before. She remembered that one of our girls wasn't very cooperative. =) Already making a name for herself! Randi was having a few contractions here and there but Dr. Christine said that they were nothing to worry about since she wasn't dilated any. Three hours later we were on our way to fight 280 traffic! Woo Hoo!

We have an appointment for another NST on Thursday. Dr. Christine said that she would peek in on us to see if we had any questions or to see if we would need anything as she will be on vacation next week. I'll let you know how we do.

Less than two weeks and we will be bringing these little girls into this world. Man, I can't believe it's right around the corner. Randi is a little scared of being cut open but other than that we are looking forward to the 29th. Christmas has kind of taken a back seat this year. We didn't really do a lot of decorating and we didn't put up a tree. This is the first time that we haven't had a tree in the house since we've lived together. It's all good though because we are DONE with the nursery! Donna came over last week and we finished hanging the curtains. Randi and I painted and hung their names as well as bought a new mirror to go in there. I am going to try to post pictures over to the right.

Last night we went to a Hallmark store to pick up some cards for a few events that are coming up. The Woman behind the counter asked us when our baby was due and Randi responded with "there's actually two in there" and we told her how we're delivering early because there are twins. She told us that God knows who to give twins to. I think that is the nicest, sweetest thing that anyone has told us during our pregnancy. As always THANK YOU to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They are apparently being answered because Randi and our little ladies are doing wonderful. 34 weeks is a great length for a multiple pregnancy these days. We are blessed and thankful.

Much Love To All.

Blog Daddy T.

Monday, December 8, 2008

"I just ate a blueberry and I'm STUFFED!"

Our scheduled appointment was today at 11:15. Randi and I made it there around 11:00 and I took my position in a chair with Dr. Alex Cross. Randi appeared and we went back to the sonogram waiting area. Randi was super hyper this morning, I don't know if she was excited, or nervous, or just in one of her "moods". Who knows, pregnancy is CRAZY! =) I lent an ear until we were called back.

The girls are growing and growing and growing. Baby A weighed in at 4 lbs. 12 oz. and Baby B weighed in at 4 lbs 8 oz. The technician that we had today was the one that needed help working the machine earlier in our pregnancy. She was good today. She tried her hardest to get Baby B (Aubrey) on the 4D, but of course, she wasn't havin it. Aubrey even went as far as putting her fist in front of her face. Oooo that girl is gonna be somethin else!

Dr. Christine came in and gave Randi an exam and said that she is not dilated. She still wanted us to go down to Labor and Delivery and have the NST today. She said that she is going to set us up to come in on December 29th and Randi would deliver then! Tax break dance... Tax break dance... Woot woot!

We went down to Labor and Delivery and had a little wait before we went into a room. We were waiting with another expectant Mom and Randi and her talked a little. This was to be her second and she had diabetes so she was going to be monitored. She is pregnant with a boy and has a 3 year old girl at home. Funny enough she will deliver on the 29th as well but will be 39 weeks pregnant.

The NST went well with the exception of Randi having some contractions. Dr. Christine came in and gave Randi a prescription and told her that she needed to take it easy. We have another NST scheduled for Thursday at 2:00, then another appointment for Monday afternoon.

21 more days until we get to hold our little ladies. Life will never be the same and I can't wait!

Randi is feeling pregnant these days. Her back hurts her daily and she is pretty uncomfortable during the night. She is a trooper though and is taking it all in stride. I appreciate her so much. Our girls are doing amazing and it's all because of the tender loving care that Randi has given them over the past few months.

Again, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We all really appreciate them and they seem to be working wonders!

Much Love.

Blog Daddy T.

PS. The two pictures above are both of Baby A. There aren't any 4D of Baby B.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's play ketchup. Catch Up...

"Just another manic Monday. Oh o oh. Wish it were a Sunday. Oh o oh. Cause that's my fun day." Ah, but we had an appointment at 11:15 to see Dr. Christine. Everything sounds like Dr. Seuss to me any more. 11:15... Christine... Get it? I read to the girls "Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go a Book To Be Read In Utero" and I find myself rhyming at the oddest moments and it will just make me laugh. Whom ever I am speaking with at that moment probably wonders "what the heck is wrong with this guy?" But if they haven't already asked them self that question, then what the heck is wrong with them!?

I left work to pick Randi up from home and we were on our way. We rode the elevator with two women one of which, Randi later found out, is pregnant with twin girls. I waited with my own book in tow (Thank you Uncle Randy for the new James Patterson, Alex Cross novel.) while Randi went back to have her blood drawn. When she was done she came and got me and we headed to the waiting room to be called to have a sonogram. We didn't get our favorite technician this time. In fact, Randi asked her if she could tell us how much the Girls weighed and she told her "Not this time". She didn't say it rude, but it came across that way, maybe because the other tech is so outgoing. Anyway... They are getting BIG. I have probably been saying that for weeks now, but they're not getting any smaller. I wonder if one or both of them will be claustrophobic? I know I sure as heck would be if I were couped up in Randi's tiny belly for nine, er eight months! So the fluid measurements turned out fine. After the sonogram we were off to see the Doctor. She shuffled through some paperwork and measured Randi's belly before sending us down to have an NST (Non Stress Test). She said that she would call with the Bile Salts (Cholestasis) results Wednesday. All good thus far.

Once down in Labor and Delivery, we were put into the Triage room. This is the "tweener room". It's not the crappy recovery room that I don't like, it's closer to the roomy birthing suite but not quite. It has a jack and jill bathroom! The nurse strapped up Randi and my little ladies and the monitoring began. AS ALWAYS, Baby A registered in no time and Baby B wouldn't cooperate. We were in there for about an hour and a half or so and we were dismissed. We scheduled an appointment for Thursday at noon.

The phone call came today from Dr. Christine's nurse. Randi's Bile Salt levels have returned to ZERO! AWESOME NEWS! Our NST today was canceled. I am now wondering if we'll do those again? Randi had a little itching fit Tuesday night but nothing too crazy. The nurse told her to stay on the meds that were prescribed and it should help. So... Things are looking great! Momma is doing well and averaging three pants sizes a day. Ok maybe not three, only because her pants are elastic! =)

We are so excited to meet our girls. Our house has come together quite nicely over the past few weeks thanks to Nonna Donna, Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Henry reorganized a thing or two here and there as well. Nesting needs to happen like twice a year. We have gotten so much done, it's kinda nice!

Our next appointment is scheduled for Monday December 8th at 11:15 with Dr. Christine. Sorry had to end with a rhyme. Until then.

Much Love

Papa Seuss

Slacker... But I'm busy I promise!

As I'm sure you can imagine, life has gotten a bit hectic as of late. I have a draft waiting for me to finish from last weeks appointment on Friday as well as this past Monday's. We have another NST (non stress test) today at noon and I'm thinking about taking my laptop with me to catch up. Please know that Momma and Baby Girls are well. Very well in fact. Randi's bile salt levels have not increased that we are aware of. Therefore mark your calendars for December 29th as that's the day that Dr. Christine said that she would deliver. All of your thoughts and prayers seem to be working so please keep them coming.

All of our love.

Blog Daddy T