Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Spin My Head Right Round...

Where does time go? Seriously. I turned 31 on January 4th and don't know what happened to my 20's. Well I do, but I'd rather not air ALL of my dirty laundry on a blog that, from what I hear, some people do read. I remember when I was a kid, it seemed like Christmas would never get here. It would finally arrive and we would wish for it to come back all over again. Why do we wish time away? I do this now with weekdays. I wish them away with the common phrase "Is it Friday yet"? Then Saturday comes and goes and next thing you know it's 8:00 Sunday night, Randi is watching DH and I'm flipping between football and PS3 hoping to freeze time again.

Two little girls. Wow. We have to little girls! It's hard to fathom sometimes. Randi and I still look at them daily and just smile at the thought of our love bringing something so precious into the world. We kiss them repeatedly until Addison pushes my face away. This is something new that has started that I am not a big fan of. So onto the updates. It's been awhile since my last post and I apologize if you were really looking forward to hearing an update or three during my hibernation from the Crimson Tiders of the world.

The girls are growing and growing and growing. They had their one year doctor appointment last week and Addison weighed 15 lbs and Aubrey weighed 14 lbs 9 oz. They are still on the tiny side but the doctor said that she's not concerned because they're close in weight and have been since birth. Aubrey went for testing this morning to see what had caused the fluid on her kidney that was possibly causing her high temperatures and visits to the doctor and hospital. The results were negative for reflux so we don't have to medicate her for the next year of her life. The "reflux" was believed to have been her not peeing out all of her pee and it creeping back to her kidney instead of staying in her bladder. Negative. She hasn't run a fever in quite some time so hopefully that whole mess is behind us.

We have ONE YEAR OLDS! We celebrated their birthday on their actual birthday but then we had a bigger party this past weekend. We had an amazing turnout and people came from all over! Bill Harrell came from Fort Worth, TX, and "Nanny" Yvonne came from Tampa, FL. The girls were spoiled yet again and showered with so much love and so many gifts! The neat thing was seeing all of the kids; Logan Brown, Cate Carter, Hanlon Finney, The Lee Triplets Piper, Henry and Rosemary, and my niece Bailey Turner. I may be missing a few. We had paint and tiles for them to do their hand/foot prints, a jar filled with M&M's which Logan Brown guessed the closest as to how many were in there, and toys for them all to play with. All in all it was a wonderful party. The girls loved their cakes and made quite a mess of themselves. Thank you to Steve Thomas and Yvonne Balbin for helping Randi make them as well as the cupcakes!

So all in all everything is going really well. The girls are pulling up on everything and standing with support. Addy cries for help to get down but has done it a few times on her own. Aubrey is a daredevil. She cracks me up! She not only pulls up and gets down on her own but she has learned to slide herself over this train that Mike, Amy and Logan Brown gave them. Once she slides over it she crawls around to do it again like a four year old on a jungle gym! Addison still says "tickle tickle" and the occasional "Dah Dah" and "Mah Mah". Recently she has blurted out "Nonna" which is what we want the girls to call Randi's mother. Aubrey isn't really a talker, however we do believe that she has gotten the word "shit" down. No thanks to their grandmothers! She blurts it out here and there and it sounds pretty clear to those that hear it but she has no clue, obviously. Aubrey is more expressional. Is that a word?

Ex`pres´sion`al (~al)
a. 1. Of, or relating to, expression; phraseological; also, vividly representing or suggesting an idea or sentiment.

I guess it is! She points and waves and says "dah" and "mom mom mom mom". Other than that she just shoots smiles CONSTANTLY.

Well that's all I've got this time. We hope everyone is doing well and has adjusted from the holidays. We need a bigger house due to all of the toys that the girls got for Christmas and their birthday but we're working on that.

Much love to all.

Blog Daddy T and his beautiful three.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moment of Silence

In participation/recognition of "Mark Ingram Day" I will not be updating the blog with any new information on our ladies. Instead, we will bow our heads and give thanks to this achievement that has yet to be "recognized" (Auburn University Heisman Trophy Winners Pat Sullivan 71 and Vincent Edward Jackson 85) in this great state of Saban that we live in.



Much Love To All!

Blog Daddy T and his wonderful Three!

"This post has been brought to you by your Alabama Ford Dealers. Nick Saban drives one. Shouldn't you?"