Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tres Madres

July 23, 2008

We were able to bring both of our Mothers with us today to our appointment. They both seemed very excited to see their Grand babies for the first time. We were a few minutes behind this morning so I dropped Randi off on the bottom floor of the parking garage. Our Moms followed me up and through every level! There wasn't parking anywhere. This was a new one on me. We finally found some spots and went in.

After we all waited in both waiting rooms we were finally in the ultrasound room. Randi was on the examining table and we all stood to her left staring at the monitor. The technician smeared the gel on Randi's belly and couldn't get the ultrasound thing pressed against her stomach fast enough! Finally, one of the baby's silhouettes showed on the screen. All three of the Mothers in the room had smiles on their faces. I was pretty darn proud to be in the room right then. Not that I hadn't been proud before but to see the look on our Moms' faces. The Technician showed both babies one at a time. They are looking more and more like newborns. Baby A looks to have my nose, and as Christy says, maybe my belly too! We weren't able to tell sexes yet and I was a little bummed with that. I thought that it would be really neat to be able to tell with both of our Moms in the room. That's alright though, soon enough.

After the ultrasound Randi and I went into the examining room and spoke to another Doctor. We have been told that it is a good idea to see all of the Doctors in the practice at least once. The reason being is because there is no guarantee that Dr. Christine will deliver the twins. We could end up having another one of the numerous Doctors in the practice. I can't remember this Doctor's name, but I liked him. He came into the examining room and introduced himself to Randi and then said "this must be your no good Husband", he had me pegged! =) He began to look over paperwork and told us that the twins look good. They are growing at the expected rate which could be a concern if they weren't. One baby could dominate in the womb and steal nutrients from the other causing one larger baby and one smaller baby. Currently, this is not the case. The rib question came up again and I liked this Doctors answer. "You're going to be feeling a lot of pain in the upcoming weeks." He just came out and said it. No buttering it up, just how it is. He was that kind of Doctor, honest, direct, and blunt. I didn't like that Randi was going to be in "a lot of pain", just his direct answer. He also went over with us how the babies’ life expectancy grew with each week. I know, you're probably thinking "DUH", but he broke it down for us by week. Say week 28, they would have a 50% chance, week 29 an 80% chance, week 30 a 90% chance, so on and so on. These may not be the exact numbers but it was interesting none the less. He said that Randi will probably carry to week 37. Dr. Christine has said week 38, but each Doctor is different. This Doctor told us to make our appointment for four weeks from today.

We will go back on August 20th. While we were checking out, the receptionist asked if we wanted to know the sexes the next time we came. So I'm thinking that at our next appointment, we will find out what we are going to have! Randi and I already have our bets in. Do you?

Bouncy Bouncy Bounce

July 2, 2008

Randi goes back, I wait, she waves me in, we sit, we wait. That's how it's been and apparently how it will be. All the same, even the nerves and excitement. They are all still there too. This time however there is a new magazine, Consumer Reports. I have often heard of this magazine, but never once picked one up. I may have a new obsession.

"RANDI TURNER" Here we go! Randi hops up onto the table and I take my seat. Gel is smeared all over her stomach and we go into watching mode. When the babies first appear, we are amazed at the transformation from crustacean to human baby! Our little ones look like actual babies! They are still a little difficult to completely make out, but there they are. The Technician started to really grind around and while we were focusing in on Baby A, it started bouncing! Ok, swimming, but it looked as if it was on a trampoline! The Technician then tried to get Baby B to do something, but it wanted no part of the circus that was going on next door. If this is any sign of their personalities, we have opposite sides of the behavioral spectrum. There may not be such a thing as a behavioral spectrum, UNTIL NOW. The Turner Twin Behavioral Spectrum.

After we get some pictures printed off and some copied to disk, it's off to the examining room to see Dr. Christine. The Doctor enters the room and flips through the paperwork and says that everything is looking good. Randi has her list of questions ready and they are answered with professionalism. The best question is the one of the growing rib. Randi has a severe pain around her ribcage that she insists is a growing rib. Dr. Christine explains that her ribcage may be growing or expanding to allow room for the babies to grow. Tylenol will help ease the pain. We are told to come back in three weeks.

We make our appointment for July 23rd and are off to the car to make our three phone calls, Mom, Mom, and Jen.

And Then There Were Two

June 11, 2008

This was an important day as we were going to find out if we were still pregnant with twins, or just one, or none at all. We were nervous. Again, Randi went in and did her "duties" as I waited in the waiting room. Finally the door opened and she waved me in. We sat together in the other waiting room flipping through magazines and nervously uttering a comment or two here and there. I have grown fond of outdoor gear all of a sudden. Not that I would use it for anything other than to look at, but I seem to have grown an interest in it thanks to these outdated magazines laying around the waiting room. Anyway...

We are finally called back after I have picked out my future bicycle that costs $3000.00. Randi hops up onto the table and I take my seat. This time the Tech gels down Randi's belly after flipping down the top of her jeans. We're doing this a new way this time. The Technician moves the device left, she moves it right, she puts a bit of pressure and there they are, two Turner shrimps. They look nothing like humans. It's amazing! Last time there were just two blobs of nothingness and now there is, something! We are still pregnant with Twins! Randi and I are both thrilled and it's written across our faces. The Technician prints out a few pictures as well as scans some onto a disc that we brought.

Onto see Dr. Christine. We visit with her for a little while and Randi nails her with every question that she can think of. Dr. Christine has heard them all before I'm sure but man! There are a bunch! I guess the only stupid question is the one not asked. Our due date is set for January 24th. We are told that Randi will most likely not carry full term and the Doctors will not let her carry past 38 weeks. After we talk to her for a bit we make our next appointment and it's back to the car and onto the three phone calls. Mom, Mom, and Jen.

What to our wondering eyes should appear...

May 28, 2008

We returned home and made our appointment for Wednesday, May 28th. We were both a bit nervous but so excited all at the same time. Randi went in first while I sat in the waiting room. Finally the door opened and she called me back. We went to another waiting room where we had been before in December. The last time that we were here we wanted to be somewhere else. We had found out a few short months earlier that we were having a miscarriage. It wasn't easy sitting there hearing all of the other families talk about their new healthy additions. This time was going to be different I kept telling myself. Randi even felt different this time. She knew it was right.

We were finally called back to the ultrasound room. Randi hopped onto the table and I took my seat in the "onlookers chair". The computer screen lit up the darkened room as we both stare at it in anticipation. The Ultrasound technician prepared her "device" and the screen soon showed Randi's womb. The technician then announced there's not just one baby growing in there, there's two! We were looking at two sacs. We were amazed, shocked, excited, thrilled, crying, you name it, we felt it!

After we left the ultrasound room we went into Dr. Orso's office. He congratulated the two of us and then went through his spiel. After every pause he received an "uh huh", or an "ok". The one that caught our attention and made us a bit nervous was when he told us that sometimes with twin pregnancies, one sac disappears. We will have to wait until the next appointment to determine if in fact we will still be pregnant with twins. We were still so excited we had to notify everyone in the world, starting with our parents.

European Vacation Delight

May 16, 2008

While cruising the Mediterranean, Randi began feeling a little odd. Certain areas were feeling very tender, mood swings began to occur, and we can't forget to mention the mustard with pizza incident.
Randi and I discussed whether or not we should take one of the two pregnancy tests that we brought on board. We thought it to be a good idea considering there was a wine tasting session that we were attending later that day. As expected we were in fact pregnant! We called our parents to our room for an immediate family meeting. We informed them of our good news and hugged it out.
From here on out during our cruise we would hear Dos Bambinos here and there from Randi's Mother. Randi kept telling her "Stop! There isn't two babies!" In Barcelona, on the bus ride to the airport we were talking to two people that were on our boat. We mentioned to them that we had found out that we were pregnant and the gentleman said something to the effect of "you're going to have twins". Randi and I were flabbergasted that everyone is making this prediction.
Now we just had to wait until we got back to Birmingham to make an appointment to see our Doctors at St. Vincent's to be certain!


Cabo San Lucas

June 2007

The story begins here, Cabo San Lucas on our Honeymoon. I wake up one morning and immediatly tell Randi that I had a dream that we had twins. Exaclty one year later...