Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Year Olds

It's hard to believe that they're one! One year has already gone by. Amazing. People say that it flies by, and sure enough, it has. I thought that I'd put up some pictures of yesterday's celebration. They're "party" will take place next month when everything calms down a little from the holidays.


Happy Birthday baby girls!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Two angels were born. Two angels that have made the world a better place. Two angels that make us want to be the best that we can be. Two angels whose cheeks are constantly covered in kisses. Two angels who are growing so fast right before our very eyes.

Addison and Aubrey, thank you for being our angels. Your mommy and I are so very proud of you for everything that you have accomplished in your first year of life. There are so many more milestones and achievements that will be reached in your lifetime and we'll be there to cheer for you and comfort you when you need us.


We love you.

Daddy and Mommy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

You're Never Going to Believe

Who is back at the doctor's office this week? Same symptoms, same high fever, same pouty little face, same little cuddle bug, QUITE a different adventure.

Last Thursday I picked Aubrey up to put her in her highchair before I left for work. I noticed that she was a little warm and thought "Oh no not again!". I mentioned it to Randi and went on to work. SURE ENOUGH, her temperature started rising, and THE mood set in.

We had a trip planned with my sister and my parents to take the RV down to Jacksonville Florida to see the Dolphins play the Jaguars. We were all looking forward to our first excursion in the RV and going to another game together. We discussed the fact that we may not be able to go, and that it might be best if Aubrey were at home. I then asked Randi if it came down to it, could I take Addy and still go? She agreed but in the end, we all made the trip.

After a very nice ride down, we checked into the hotel where Randi, the girls and I were staying. My sister was in the room next to ours which was adjoining. My parents parked the RV over in the RV parking lot at the stadium and stayed there. Randi fell when we walked into the hotel due to the downpour outside and the tile floor in the hotel being wet. She hurt her coccyx and wasn't moving around very fast. Now she and Aubrey weren't feeling too well so we decided it was best to stay in and order room service. We thought that we were going to get a good night sleep and start fresh in the morning and head out to the game. No one slept. If we did it wasn't for very long. Aubrey finally snoozed from 4:30 - 7:00 on my chest. We have never slept with them in our bed so this was new to me. I didn't move an inch while I slept for that very short period. I don't know how I did it, but I did. If there was anyone in the other room next to us, they probably didn't get much sleep either with Aubrey crying most of the night.


I took a short break in between the last paragraph and this one. So bear with me. Aubrey had a doctor appointment Monday morning where they ran some tests which all came back with negative results. The pediatrician said that if it were her kid, she would just chalk it up to another viral infection. Randi is taking her in tomorrow for one last scan just to be sure there's nothing there.

Christmas week. I can't believe it's here already. Randi and I took a VERY nice weekend trip to Nashville while the girls went to the lake house with Nonna, Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Randi and I had two nice dinners together, went out and had some adult beverages, saw the Rockettes at Opryland, and even got to see the Dolphins lose to the Titans. This whole trip stemmed from Uncle Randy and Uncle Henry winning an auction at the Blue Jean Ball which is hosted by former Auburn football coach Pat Dye. The package included Titans jerseys, a team calendar autographed by Coach Jeff Fisher, club level tickets to the game, a parking pass, a one night stay at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, candle light turn down service, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne and breakfast. What a weekend!

Here it is Tuesday and Aubrey is feeling better but now Randi has a little funk going on. Always something or someone. =) We're gearing up for a long Christmas weekend with family and having Christmas dinner at our house this year.

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!

Much love to all.

Blog Daddy T. and Three

Merry Christmas!

(Addison in green, Aubrey in red. Randi made the dresses!)

The second round had better results. =)