Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkins with our Pumpkins

Blog Daddy T is always taking the time to praise his three, so this mama decided it was time for her to tell about what a great Daddy T we have.

This past Saturday we decided we wanted to head out to the Pumpkin Patch, but since Daddy wasn't feeling so great, we decided instead to stick close to home and check out the Mt. Laurel Fall Festival, where the girls got to meet no other than

Both girls were in total awe of Snow White. I can't wait until one day we are able to go to Disney to watch their excitement as they meet all the Princesses.

We then headed for lunch, and to pick up some pumpkins. Here's where Daddy T really starts to show off his skills. He decided he wanted to carve two pumpkins, one for each of his pumpkins. After some searching on the internet the girls picked their favorites for Daddy to use on their pumpkins.

Addy wanted Swipper, which Daddy approved of, since his favorite Dora line is "Swiper, no swiping!"

Aubrey wanted the main character (hhhhmmmmm I wonder why), Dora.

After lots of work

and some pumpkin seed toasting

Daddy T had successfully created a Dora pumpkin, unlike any pumpkin I ever had as a kid.

He decided his hands needed to wait until the next day to complete the second one, especially since by the time this one was complete the girls were in bed, and the Auburn game was starting.

So the next day Daddy went back to work.

And he created Swipper.

We are so proud of Daddy and just wanted to brag on here about him for once, since he is always bragging about us.

Now the other news in our lives. Sunday night Aubrey started to run a high fever; at one point it was 103.7. We called our doctor 3 times to ask different questions, who each time reassured us, and let us know we should call her back with any questions. We tried to let her sleep in our room, but she just wouldn't have it. So at about 1 in the morning I finally asked Ricky if he thought she would sleep in her room. We weren't sure, but decided to give it a try. I put her in her own room in her own crib, and she looked at me as if to say "Thank you Mama, this is where I wanted to be all night." I guess she missed her sister.

The next morning I called and got her the first appointment possible. Mom Mom came over to watch Addison so I wouldn't have to cart the non-sick one with me too. We were seen pretty quickly. The doctor informed me he didn't see anything, so that meant we had to test for the flu. I felt pretty confident that there was no way my baby had the flu, since Ricky had been to the doctor and tested negative. Well I was WRONG! My baby had the flu. I quickly asked "Swine flu?" To which he informed me they didn't test for that strand, but it was the only flu out there, so I can assume.....

My baby has the swine flu. Maybe she should stop sleeping with her piggy.

We (the doctor and I) decided to go ahead and treat Addison the same way, since they share everything and she would most likely get it too. Addison never got past 99 in the her temperature, but she did get the deep cough Aubrey has. Monday was pretty rough, but Daddy came home to help, and work from home. We were very thankful to have him here. I thought I might even be getting it, but somehow was avoided. I guess God knew this mama couldn't be out of work.

The girls had it rough for the first few days, but we are back to normal today.

We enjoyed a photo shoot in our fun rain boots, we have been waiting to wear.

But since they don't quite fits us, we prefer to use them as chew toys.

Other quick momental things that have happened:
*We are both working hard on sitting up unassisted.
*Aubrey has started getting up on her knees in at attempt to crawl.
*Addison has started to say "MomMomMomMom," while she cries.

Hope all is well in your world.
Mama of three (twins & Bossie)