Monday, January 26, 2009

The Day You Were Born We Met A Pantyhose Salesman



The Girls had an appointment this morning and are doing well! Addison is up to 7lbs 12oz and Sister (Aubrey) is up to 7lbs 4oz. They both measured 19 3/4 inches which was surprising to me because I thought that Aubrey had Addison beat. Maybe she just stretches further?

The last month has been an eventful one to say the least. Aubrey is very vocal and loves to grunt at any given moment. I told Randi that I am just going to start grunting all of the time to see people's reactions. She's too funny. Addison is a Turner through and through. She loves to eat but what really makes her a Turner is she LOVES to sleep. When we try to wake her it's a little stretch and then back to sleep. I wonder if she'll be grumpy when she wakes up like her Daddy is? They are down to one bottle at 9:00 pm and that'll disappear tomorrow. Randi is doing great with breastfeeding and she's just an amazing Mother.

The Doctor suggested that they receive their shots at two months old which is a month away. We were told by one Doctor that it would be at 6 weeks but the one today suggested 8 weeks. Whatever is best for them. We are getting a little stir crazy with being home all of the time, but friends have been stopping by for visits which has been nice. Soon enough we won't be able to get them to sit still so we should take advantage while we can.

Randi took the girls to get some pictures done a few weeks ago. We should be getting that CD soon so we will share with everyone when we get it. We hope that everyone is doing well and as always thank you for the thoughts and the prayers.

Love to all.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sleepless Nights and Staring Contests


Never did I think that I could love someone as much as I love my Wife. These girls have captured our hearts and it's an amazing feeling to be a parent. Sure it's not easy, but when I'm feeding one of them or rocking them both back to sleep, I don't want to be anywhere else. I may moan and groan because I'm being woken up, but once I'm with them I seem to forget where I was a second ago.

Mom and the girls are doing awesome. They had a Pediatrician appointment Monday and Addison is up to 6lbs 14oz and Aubrey is up to 6lbs 2oz. The last few days I think Aubrey has grown a lot more, I think she may be tired of being the "little sister". She has been eating a lot better and has seemed to have filled out a little more. Now Addison on the other hand is a little oinker. She LOVES to eat. She has yet to meet a bottle she doesn't like.

Our lives have certainly changed, our schedules are different and our energy is a little less, but like I said, being a parent is amazing. I just wanted to post a little something to make myself feel better for having neglected the blog for the past week or two. We hope that everyone is doing well and as always we thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

All of our love.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mom times TWO

Everyone, I mean everyone tells you what to expect as a new mom, but no one can really prepare you for what it's really like. Your life changes in ways words can never truly express.

The girls, mom and dad are all home and have officially been home a week tomorrow. It's starting to come together. Feedings are often, but take less time than they originally did. Three o'clock feedings are becoming more natural and less of a sleep walking phase. I am amazed that I set the clock for each feeding, but my "mom clock" wakes me up before it ever has a chance to go off. I am still working on the eyes in the back of my head, but they are growing!

I look at my girls and think "Wow, we made these!" How can you not believe in miracles and believe in a higher power? I am so thankful to having such an amazing husband who has taken to being a dad like second nature. They say a woman becomes a mom the days she finds out she is pregnant, but a man becomes a dad the day his child is born, well Ricky has shown what it truly means to become a father!

I am learning to live with less sleep, more food, and amazement at my girls! I do often wake up in the middle of the night, just to listen to them. I also have had to kick my teddy bear out of the bed, as I was attempting to feed it in the middle of the night.

We are so blessed to have our little angles, and as a new mom I just wanted to post my thoughts. Thank you all for love, prayers, and thoughts for our girls. We really appreciate everyones' help.

Twin Mama