Monday, November 17, 2008

The Results Are In.

Our Doctor appointment started just like all of the rest. Randi went back to give her sample and I sat reading through emails on my phone. While I was waiting a family came in and it looked as if it was a Woman with about a two year old Daughter and the Woman's Sister. The little girl got spun around some how and was hugging her Aunt's leg until she realized that it wasn't her Mom. She screamed at the top of her lungs "WHERE'S MY MOMMY"? All she had to do was rotate a good 180 degrees and she'd be hugging her Mothers leg. It made me laugh just thinking that we're going to witness episodes such as this to the power of TWO! I remember when Christy was that little and she would throw a fit. MAN... What lungs! Turns out, I hope our little one's lungs are capable of such frequencies.

Randi eventually appeared from behind the door and we went back to the other waiting room. The magazine selection is really crappy lately. I actually brought my own for the Thursday appointment. Jim Kellogg has been bringing me his Golf Magazines when he's done with them and they seem to be coming in handy. “RANDI TURNER”

In the examining room we're looking around at the art work done by Dr. Christine's daughter to baby announcements and other such objects in the room. Dr. Christine's knock arrived at the door. The tests results from Thursday have arrived and they are positive for the RARE Cholestasis of Pregnancy. She explained that Randi is at a level 18 on a range of 0-30, 30 being the most extreme case. If this level does not deplete to 0 in four weeks, we will deliver our girls at 34 weeks. Upon receiving this news, Randi turned pale as a ghost and became very inquisitive. Dr. Christine explained this "condition" to us and basically it has to do with Randi's gallbladder and the storage of bile. The itchiness came from her gallbladder not being able to store the bile properly and therefore something is released into her blood stream causing the itching. Here is the best website that I have found on the subject: Funny enough it's from the other Birmingham hospital UAB. Randi received two steroid shots in her hip to help with the babies' lung and brain development and was told that she would need another round of these tomorrow. The Doctor wanted to check the fluids around the girls so we went in for a quick ultrasound. Both girls were inverted and staring right at us! Their faces are so developed you can almost make out how gorgeous they already are. The Technician told us that the fluids looked good so we went back out to the waiting room to see Dr. Christine yet again. After a very short wait we were called back. We were scheduled to have a "stress test" done on the girls next week but because of the Cholestasis, Dr. Christine sent us down to labor and delivery to have the test done today.

Randi and I got down there and waited for a delivery room to be cleaned. The nurses were all very nice and very accommodating. Randi filled out some paperwork while we waited. The room eventually opened up and Randi got the monitors strapped to her tummy where the girls were positioned and one above them to monitor for contractions. Randi and I watched the monitor closely. Green lines for one baby and orange for the other. Underneath were little peaks and plateaus which were Randi's "contractions". The girls were monitored for a little over 30 minutes before the nurse came back in to remove the monitors. Apparently Dr. Christine can view the results from her office because we were told that she said that the "contractions" weren't contractions but were most likely Randi being a little nervous as well as hungry. The babies' heart rates stayed between 135 and 155 during that half hour. We were able to leave from here. TIME FOR LUNCH!

We go back Thursday morning for the girls all to be monitored again. In the meantime we are going to pack our bags just in case one of our monitoring sessions turns out to be a little more than a session.

The baby shower that the girls at work threw us was nice. They got us our playpens, our swings, and some other things. Randi got to eat cake so that in itself means that the party was a success.

The way that Dr. Christine spoke to us made us feel pretty calm about the whole situation. Randi and I are both a little scared but we are confident. The girls are still active as anything and kicking the shit out of Randi daily. Sorry, that's how she explains it sometimes! =) So keep all of my ladies in your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you all updated as best as I can.

Love to all.

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