Sunday, November 30, 2008

Apparently I'm slacking

But what's new, right?

Thanksgiving... That was a long day. Randi and I went over to my Parent's house to have Thanksgiving Day breakfast. Luckily Randi is pregnant and has to use the restroom quite a bit. As we were all doing our thing all of a sudden we hear Randi screaming "FIRE! FIRE!". I ran to see what the heck she was screaming about and sure enough, the powder room was on fire. A lit candle had set a fake flower arrangement ablaze. We were all very thankful that Randi had to use it when she did or there may not have been much of a house left. There wasn't too much damage done, luckily. If you're wondering what to get my Parents for Christmas, Fire Extinguishers should top their lists this year.

After we ate breakfast and hung out for a little while we went over to Randi's Mom's to eat with Paw Paw, Uncle Randy, Uncle Henry, and Donna. We waited, and we waited. Randi made sure to let everyone know that she was waiting to eat. Finally at 8:30, yes... 8:30! We ate.

Needless to say we weren't busting down any doors on Black Friday. We have an appointment for the Girls to have a stress test. I asked Randi if my Sister Christy could come along as she was home from Auburn. Christy had yet to feel either of the girls kick, and I wanted her to be a part. We got to the hospital and they put us back in the recovery room. We have been there twice now and it's not my favorite. The other rooms are a little more private and this one has a curtain that splits two beds. While Randi and the girls were being monitored Christy got to see the Girls move and how it makes Randi's belly move. We were only there for about an hour before we were let go. The Girls passed with flying colors.

After the hospital we went to return something to Baby's R Us. I knew it wouldn't be a quick visit with Aunt Christy there! We walked around and looked some stuff until it was time for lunch. We met up with Nonna Donna at Chili's and filled our faces. Run run run... Some how we ended up at Lowe's looking for a "decrotive hook" to hang some picture frames in the nursery with. We ended up leaving with no hook, but Randi's push gift of a washer and dryer! She was happy and that's all that mattered.

We went to Phillip and Jens to watch the Iron Bowl that Saturday and what a game it was not! Alabama wiped their a.... with us. It was an embarassing day to be a Tiger, but there's always next year right? We did get to spend the day with Baby Cate as well as Carter, Chris and Allison Carpenters one year old. It was nice, mainly because there weren't any Bammers there! =)

We have another appointment on Monday at 11:15. Until then...

Much Love

Blog Daddy T.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 31 and counting...

Over the weekend Randi began to itch again. She had stopped taking her medication after our appointment on Thursday. Sunday the itching returned bad enough for Randi to start herself back on the meds. We didn't sleep too well that night and it got so bad Randi went out to the living room to watch television and try to get her mind off of it.

Our appointment was at 2:15 today. It was rainy and just blah outside. I could have spent the day napping off and on. We arrived at the Doctors office and Randi went back to do her duties and I found a seat with a Southern Living magazine or something of the like. Not very long after I sat down, Randi appeared from behind the door. We went and took our seats in the other waiting room and waited to be called back by the Ultrasound technician. When we were called I think that we were both excited because this woman does a great job. She takes her time and she shows us the 4D pictures if they are possible. Randi didn't drink any caffeine before our appointment today and you could tell. Our girls were calm, calmer than they have ever been. The Technician was having a hard time with a lot of the measurements and it doesn't help that they are getting so big now. It's good that they're getting big but it makes it harder to get good pictures. I'm ok with that because soon enough we'll be taking REAL pictures of them! Both babies are growing and are healthy. Baby A is weighing in at 3 lbs 12 oz and B is weighing in at 3 lbs 7 oz. That's over 7 lbs of baby! We were able to get two 4D shots of Baby A and Baby B was her usual self and was not cooperating.

After we took a few snaps of the girls it was in to see Dr. Christine. Before she came in Randi went back to be weighed and she has gained 2 whole pounds since our last appointment. This was good news because some how Randi has managed some weeks to not gain any. The Doctor came in and measured Randi's belly. She told us that the girls looked good and that her blood work came back. The Cholestasis levels have remained at the level 18 that showed on the initial test. I then asked since that was the case would we still deliver at 34 weeks and was there a certain day that she liked to deliver? The next words that came out of her mouth was like music to our ears. She said "If the levels continue to stay at 18 I'd like to take the girls at 36 weeks." WOO HOO!!! She said that this would most likely keep them out of the NICU. This made Randi and I both very happy. We would do what we needed to do if they came at 34 weeks but 36 would be awesome! So having that said 36 weeks means that we would deliver on December 29th. TAX BREAK!

We then went down to Labor and Delivery and had the non stress test. We were put in a recovery room which is shared by another patient. We had been so spoiled up to this point with having our own little private room. The woman next to us sounded as if she was having a pretty rough pregnancy as we could hear just about everything that was going on through the sheer divider curtain.

Our next appointment is scheduled for Friday but it's just a non stress test. We will then go back Monday at 11:15 to see Dr. Christine. Randi and the girls are really looking forward to eating this Thursday. She's been a bit disappointed because she heard that there wasn't going to be any sweet potatoes or macaroni and cheese but I think she talked someone into making them. Spoiled brats already... Three years ago on Thanksgiving I asked Randi to be my Wife. Who would have thought that we would be pregnant with not one, but two little girls three years later. Life is good.

Randi wanted to make sure that I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers that they have given us. We really do appreciate it. I am very thankful that our appointment this week went 10 times better than the one last week. I should get used to this emmotional roller coaster though! I am soon going to be out numbered 4 to 1 with girls in the house. I counted the dog for effect...

Much Love and Happy Holidays!

Blog Daddy T.

PS. If you're able to make out Baby A's little face in the 4D above, that "hole" in her head isn't really a HOLE IN HER HEAD! It's amniotic fluid that is surrounding her and makes it difficult to get a good clean shot.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Testing... Testing...

The alarm clock went off at 6:15 this morning. We had an appointment at 8:00. Randi had a burning sensation going on in her belly. After a bit of traffic we finally got to the hospital. I pulled up to get my ticket to the garage and pulled through. As soon as we get in this lady in her bug wanted to wait for a truck to pull out of a spot. Randi wasn't having it. I told her that she could go ahead and get out and go up while I parked. She didn't hesitate. Her comfort level has completely changed this week. I finally found a spot and went in. Took my seat in the waiting room and found a Power Boat magazine that I've read three times already. Dr. Christine's nurse came through the door and called me back. She walked me right to the examining room that Randi was in. Randi was up on the table and had tears in her eyes from the discomfort. Dr. Christine eventually came in and asked Randi how she was feeling. Randi explained her discomfort and Dr. Christine couldn't pin point what may have been causing it. She sent Randi back to have some blood drawn and then we were headed up to have our non stress test.

Randi and I stopped at Starbucks on our way to Labor and Delivery. She wanted to get a little something in her stomach as she was "fasting" for the blood work. Once upstairs we finally found our room and got settled in. Randi put on the gown and got comfortable. The nurse came in and strapped the monitors to Randi's belly. Our girls were pretty active. Their heartbeats were registering well and Randi seemed to be registering a few contractions. Randi's discomfort continued throughout the testing. Dr. Christine surprised us by coming through the door of our room. Right then, I think we both got worried. Dr. Christine examined Randi and concluded that she was not dialated and her cervix was still closed. She had the nurse give Randi a shot that would ease the contractions if in fact that's what she was having. As I sat over in the chair, I felt helpless. The nurse warned Randi that the shot would make her jittery and it sure did! Randi got up and went to the restroom right after receiving it and when she returned she was already shivering. We stayed for about another hour and a half while all of my girls were monitored. Randi did eventually roll over onto her side and the discomfort seemed to ease a bit. The nurse came back in and told us that we were clear to go. I was beginning to think that we were going to be spending the night. We were told to pick up some Prilosec because the "contractions" may have just been acid reflux.

So we're home. Randi is in the bed and her Mom is stopping by the store to get her some Prilosec. My Mom is on her way after lunch to help us out as well.

Until Monday. We have an Ultrasound scheduled to check the growth of the girls. We're hoping for well over 3 lbs each. We'll see! Until then...

Blog Daddy T.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Results Are In.

Our Doctor appointment started just like all of the rest. Randi went back to give her sample and I sat reading through emails on my phone. While I was waiting a family came in and it looked as if it was a Woman with about a two year old Daughter and the Woman's Sister. The little girl got spun around some how and was hugging her Aunt's leg until she realized that it wasn't her Mom. She screamed at the top of her lungs "WHERE'S MY MOMMY"? All she had to do was rotate a good 180 degrees and she'd be hugging her Mothers leg. It made me laugh just thinking that we're going to witness episodes such as this to the power of TWO! I remember when Christy was that little and she would throw a fit. MAN... What lungs! Turns out, I hope our little one's lungs are capable of such frequencies.

Randi eventually appeared from behind the door and we went back to the other waiting room. The magazine selection is really crappy lately. I actually brought my own for the Thursday appointment. Jim Kellogg has been bringing me his Golf Magazines when he's done with them and they seem to be coming in handy. “RANDI TURNER”

In the examining room we're looking around at the art work done by Dr. Christine's daughter to baby announcements and other such objects in the room. Dr. Christine's knock arrived at the door. The tests results from Thursday have arrived and they are positive for the RARE Cholestasis of Pregnancy. She explained that Randi is at a level 18 on a range of 0-30, 30 being the most extreme case. If this level does not deplete to 0 in four weeks, we will deliver our girls at 34 weeks. Upon receiving this news, Randi turned pale as a ghost and became very inquisitive. Dr. Christine explained this "condition" to us and basically it has to do with Randi's gallbladder and the storage of bile. The itchiness came from her gallbladder not being able to store the bile properly and therefore something is released into her blood stream causing the itching. Here is the best website that I have found on the subject: Funny enough it's from the other Birmingham hospital UAB. Randi received two steroid shots in her hip to help with the babies' lung and brain development and was told that she would need another round of these tomorrow. The Doctor wanted to check the fluids around the girls so we went in for a quick ultrasound. Both girls were inverted and staring right at us! Their faces are so developed you can almost make out how gorgeous they already are. The Technician told us that the fluids looked good so we went back out to the waiting room to see Dr. Christine yet again. After a very short wait we were called back. We were scheduled to have a "stress test" done on the girls next week but because of the Cholestasis, Dr. Christine sent us down to labor and delivery to have the test done today.

Randi and I got down there and waited for a delivery room to be cleaned. The nurses were all very nice and very accommodating. Randi filled out some paperwork while we waited. The room eventually opened up and Randi got the monitors strapped to her tummy where the girls were positioned and one above them to monitor for contractions. Randi and I watched the monitor closely. Green lines for one baby and orange for the other. Underneath were little peaks and plateaus which were Randi's "contractions". The girls were monitored for a little over 30 minutes before the nurse came back in to remove the monitors. Apparently Dr. Christine can view the results from her office because we were told that she said that the "contractions" weren't contractions but were most likely Randi being a little nervous as well as hungry. The babies' heart rates stayed between 135 and 155 during that half hour. We were able to leave from here. TIME FOR LUNCH!

We go back Thursday morning for the girls all to be monitored again. In the meantime we are going to pack our bags just in case one of our monitoring sessions turns out to be a little more than a session.

The baby shower that the girls at work threw us was nice. They got us our playpens, our swings, and some other things. Randi got to eat cake so that in itself means that the party was a success.

The way that Dr. Christine spoke to us made us feel pretty calm about the whole situation. Randi and I are both a little scared but we are confident. The girls are still active as anything and kicking the shit out of Randi daily. Sorry, that's how she explains it sometimes! =) So keep all of my ladies in your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you all updated as best as I can.

Love to all.

Blog Daddy T.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unexpected Appointment

Well it was bound to happen at some point. Randi has been itching like crazy from head to toe. Randi decided that it was a good idea to make an appointment to see the Doctor. Dr. Christine was unavailable but Randi was able to make an appointment with another Doctor within the practice. On the way Randi was showing me her leg where it was itching and it looked a little splotchy. We didn't wait long before we were back in an examining room. The Doctor came in and examined Randi and prescribed her some steroids as well as a stronger benadryl like medicine to help with the itching. She wanted to get some blood work done to run a few tests to get some more insight into what was going on. She mentioned a couple of different things that it could be and then mentioned one RARE disease called Cholestasis of Pregnancy that happens in 1 to 2 women out of 1000. She told us that the blood work would most likely not be back until Monday. We already have our 30 week check up appointment for Monday so we will find out then.

We have another baby shower tomorrow at my work that the girls are throwing for Randi. We're looking forward to it!

Blog Daddy T


The book shower was awesome! Addison and Aubrey received so many books and wonderful comments written to them. Randi and I had a lot of fun reading them to each other the other night. The kids that come to our tailgate even gave their favorite books and wrote a little note on the inside and they were really special. All of them were special and much appreciated. Auburn actually won that day too so that topped off the perfect day. Thanks to everyone who threw the shower as well as everyone who attended.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday November 3rd ~ 28 Weeks

As I write this I am thinking about who our next President will be? Our girls will be four years old by the next election. I wonder what our economy will be like then? I wonder if we'll be at war? I wonder if we are at war who we will be at war with? Lots of questions. But for now I get to write about three very important ladies in my life.

Randi and I went to the doctor today. Randi is all belly now if you haven't seen her. We will get a new picture up soon. She is having difficulty sleeping through the night which in turn makes for an adventurous evening for both of us. When we bought our new bed I thought that it was one of those that you could place a glass of wine on one side and jump on the other without spilling any wine. Not so much. I have come to find out that it's more like a trampoline, when one side moves the wave of inertia eventually ends up bouncing me around.

Our appointment started with Randi going to the back to give her sample and me waiting in the first waiting room. Randi appeared from behind the door about 15 minutes later and we went back to the second waiting room. We didn't wait very long before we were called back by the ultrasound tech. Randi climbed up on the table and the goop went on her belly. Our girls don't fit on the same screen anymore! They're too big which is awesome! Baby A weighed in at 2 lbs. 9 oz. and baby B tipped the scales at 2 lbs. 15oz. HEALTHY WEIGHTS! Both of their heartbeats have started to slow a little which comes with their size. Baby A's heart rate was 141 bpm and Baby B's heart rate was 149 bpm, which is what is pictured.

We didn't get a lot of pictures today. Actually the only ones that were printed were of Baby A. Both Babies are SQUISHED in there. We left the ultrasound room and went back to the waiting room until we were called by Dr. Christine's nurse. While we were waiting one of the other patients that was waiting with us noticed that there was a fire up the street. This waiting room is pretty neat because it has windows all around which over look Birmingham as well as the "Lake View District". We looked up the street and you could see smoke billowing from a building and firetrucks at it's base. Dr. Christine's nurse turned the corner and asked "what's going on?" I responded with "there's a fire up the street." she asked "where?" and I answered with "where the smoke is". I didn't mean for it to come out the way that it did but everyone got a laugh out of it. I think the nurse felt pretty stupid. ANYWAY...

We were called back to the examining room shortly after the smoke comment. Dr. Christine came in and measured Randi's belly and took some questions. Randi asked if the baby's weight difference was anything to be concerned with and she said no. They were doing great!

Everything seems to be going really well. Like I said earlier Randi is all belly and not sleeping too well at night. That's our only troubles and if that's the case then it's not so bad.

We had a baby shower Friday October 24th and got so many things that we need. Thank you to everyone that came and to those of you that weren't able to come but still sent gifts. We really appreciate it. This Saturday we have our "Book Shower" at tailgate that Uncle Randy and Uncle Henry are throwing for us. We have asked everyone to bring their favorite book from their childhood and write a little message to Addison and Aubrey on the inside cover. Work is throwing us a shower as well on the 14th of November. Good times and lots of pink! Some people have asked what we still need at this point and I direct them straight to our registry at We have a link to it on the page here over to the right. I never thought that one needed this much "stuff" to bring a baby home, let alone TWO!

Our next appointment is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday November 19th. This will most likely be the last of the twice a month visits as we'll start going once a week. Week 28 is the first week of the third and final trimester. Just a few short weeks and we'll get to hold our baby girls!

I hope everyone gets out to vote tomorrow!